SEX DIFFERENCE EXPLAINED. From DNA to Society: Purging Gene Copy Errors

Steve Moxon (
Independent Researcher


This is a layman's guide “ for, the interested rather than the merely general reader “ to recent major scientific insights that together reveal a comprehensive, holistic understanding of the sexes: what actually distinguishes them and why. A much needed overview drawing together hitherto disparate topics outlining how several principles mutually relate; it's a simplified distillation and update of the several topics that are the subject of other review papers, which provide more detailed and precise accounts and further sources.

No prior knowledge is assumed, so any other than common-knowledge scientific terms are either explained or replaced with less formal terms (where they are not too imprecise). Notably, instead of the formal, easily confused terms intra-sexual / inter-sexual, the terms within-sex / between-sex (or same-sex / cross-sex) are used. The word 'sociality', is also used despite its unfamiliarity; because it's useful shorthand for social system / dynamics. The term gender (sic) is specifically avoided - other than in 'scare' quotes since it is an ideological rather than scientific term.


male, female, biology, genetic filter, reproduction, hierarchy, replication, sociality, pair-bond, psychology, mate-guarding, dominance, prestige


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