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Greg Andresen

Greg Andresen Mail
Editor of the Men's Health Australia website and Senior Researcher for the One in Three Campaign supporting male victims of family violence, Australia

Greg is a father of a young son and daughter. He is passionate about building an Australia that will provide equality of opportunity for both his children across all areas of society. His major areas of interest are boy's education and rites of passage, family violence, fatherhood, men's health and media representations of males.
Greg has edited the Men's Health Australia website (including a research and media liaison role) since its 2007 foundation. He has worked as Senior Researcher for the One in Three Campaign supporting male victims of family violence since its commencement in 2009. Also since 2009 he has acted as Australian Liaison for the National Coalition for Men (a US educational organisation that raises awareness about the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys).
During the period 2004-08 Greg worked as Committee Member with the Australasian Men's Health Forum, the Lone Fathers Association (South Australia), the Men's Information & Support Centre and the Man Alive! Men's Health and Wellbeing Festival. He was Researcher, Producer and Presenter for the Dads on the Air radio program and a member of the Health in MenReference Group with Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Greg has also worked since 1994 in the area of information technology, running a tech support and training consultancy as well as building and maintaining numerous websites.