The Origin of the Sexual Divide in the 'Genetic Filter' Function: Male Disadvantage and Why It Is not Perceived

Steve Moxon (


The sexes properly understood from biological principles interact not in terms of dominance/submission but male deference to females in recognition of the female as the limiting factor in reproduction through being the principal direct investor in offspring. The corresponding function of the male is to act as the genetic filter to purge accumulated deleterious genetic material. This entails males necessarily contesting intrasexually for dominance rank as a measure of good genes (the criterion of male attractiveness), the relative lack of which leaves most males subject to policing by both sexes in order to restrict their sexual access to females. Added to the costs incurred in fierce competition, this amounts to a serious disadvantage for most males. The polarisation in specialism stems originally from a small size difference in gametes. The distinction between the sexes is not sexual conflict. Competitiveness is entirely intrasexual and much stronger in males. The sexes have starkly contrasting though fully complementary sociality. The implications of this analysis for the social sciences and politics are wide-ranging.

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